Testimonials from Clients

“In honor of my mother’s 100th birthday in 2004, Scott wrote a captivating biography. The beautiful hand-bound book is a fascinating chronicle of my mother’s long life. There are delightful pictures of people and things, and insightful quotes from a wide range of children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. In the course of interviewing my Mom, Scott uncovered things about her that no one in the family had known before.

“All of us were fascinated and often amazed by her story and by what she had to say about many topics ranging from politics, life and even sex! One very nice feature is a fold-out family tree covering eight generations. Now that my mother is gone (she died in 2010 at 105), it is a lovely remembrance of her life. Thank you Scott!”

Sally Culverwell, Bellingham, WA


“My family hired Scott to write a biography of my (then) 103-year-old grandmother, Miriam Starr Platt. Scott handled the entire project with grace, professionalism, wit, and a great sense of humor. He successfully navigated a sea of strong personalities–mine included!–and ended up condensing a hundred years of living into a beautiful, charming, and honest biography that has a special place on every bookshelf in the family.”

Hilary Wilkinson, Bellingham, WA


“Our mother, who just turned 85, loved to tell stories, so my siblings and I figured we had heard it all by now. It turned out that everyone learned something new about her life after reading the interview Scott conducted with her. We were grateful we did this. Seeing the reactions of my 14-year-old and the other grandchildren after reading the transcript made it worth every penny. Our mother found Scott very easy to talk to and extremely respectful. I highly recommend this to anyone.”

Steve Pickette, Issaquah, WA


“We were very impressed with Scott’s ability to compile a lifetime of memories and then turn them into a cogent and accurate biography of our father.  Because of our dad’s failing health, the project required a high level of experience to manage the schedule to completion, and Scott delivered!  The completed book was a special treat to us and we are very grateful to Scott for leading the way.”

David Allen, Seattle, WA


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